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October 2020 Chapter Meeting

When: Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

Where: Online (ZOOM link will be sent to the registration list at a later date)

Title: Basics of Seismic Restraint and Vibration Isolation Design


Abstract: This presentation will mainly review a basic approach to addressing code requirements to seismic restraint design for non-structural components such as pumps, chillers, air handlers, and other mechanical items.  This presentation will also include a review of the inter-relationship between seismic restraint design and vibration isolation and how both are resolved within a delegated seismic restraint and vibration isolation design submittal.  Finally, it will address quality assurance measures to ensure the two have been incorporated into projects by the installing contractor.


About the Speaker: James Murray has been with Seismic Restraint Systems, Inc. since 2016 supporting the HVAC community in seismic restraint and vibration isolation design.  He has over twelve years of experience in the HVAC and industrial engineering field working with engineers of different disciplines, vendors, contractors and owners. He graduated from the University of Utah in mechanical engineering and is currently registered as a professional engineer and presently resides in the state of Utah.

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