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March Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, March 13th

Location: Idaho Power Building Downtown
1221 W Idaho St, Boise, ID 83702

Lunch Meeting Topic: System Comparisons for Natural Refrigerants in Commercial Systems

Description: When natural refrigerants were new to commercial refrigeration, the competitive landscape for system selection was between traditional system types that used synthetic refrigerants or natural refrigerant technologies. Now that natural refrigerant technologies are mainstream, we've begun to see the system selection process shift to comparisons between the various natural refrigerants . How do carbon dioxide, ammonia, and propane compare to each other in terms of market penetration, cost, energy efficiency, and performance?  We will provide insights from an engineering consultants perspective.

Speaker: Dustin Lilya PE, DC Engineering

Dustin is a graduate of the University of Idaho with a variety of experience including stints at both Micron and Supervalu before joining the team at DC Engineering in 2011. At DC Dustin served as the Department Manage of Energy Services for 7 years until taking on the role of Specialty Services Production Manager in 2018 where he manages a team of energy specialists, commissioning agents, refrigeration engineers and designers. Dustin is also very active with the “R” in ASHRAE as a member of the Society Refrigeration Committee.


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