President's Message

President's Message

Daniel C. Russell, PE, HFDP

Happy New Year fellow ASHRAE Idaho Members! My goal was to release this message with the first issue of the chapter newsletter prior to Christmas, but alas that deadline came and went. My kids will tell you (especially the older ones) that I really do not make a very good Santa...or Tooth Fairy...or Easter get the idea. Truth be told we are about 3 months delinquent in releasing the first issue of the chapter newsletter so my sincere apologies go out to all of you who have been left to wonder why the Newsletter Fairy has made no deliveries yet this chapter year, causing you to question whether such a fairy really even exists. Never fear, your newsletter and accompanying president’s message is here! So go ahead my friend, read on and be of good cheer! As finished up 2018 and now hit the start of 2019 I want to take a look at what the chapter has accomplished thus far and then set our eyes forward on what is to come with the New Year. In the opening chapter meeting of the year I put forth three major initiatives that I believed would benefit and challenge the chapter: 

Leadership Development: financial support and encourage to chapter leaders, students and young engineers (YEA) through scholarships and leadership training.

Deeper Involvement with ASHRAE at all levels: active chapter committees, participation on society tech-nical
& standards committees and increased event attendance.

Rich Chapter Educational Opportunities: utilization of ASHRAE’s Distinguished Lecturers program, offering more workshops & tech sessions and taking programs to members in Easter Idaho.

In view of these initiatives our chapter has risen to the challenge in a number of ways: 1. In November the Board of Governors approved an allocation of $25,000 from the chapter’s savings accounts for the purpose of funding a Scholarship Endowment through Boise State University for Junior and Senior level Mechanical Engineers. The scholarship will be awarded annually in the amount of $1,000. 2. Our CTTC committee has pulled together two Distinguished Lecturer visits with add-on technical workshops and a chapter meeting in Idaho Falls. With three more DL visits, more workshop opportunities and at least one more Eastern Idaho chapter meeting planned, there is a lot more to come! 3. Lastly, we have seen a number of chapter members indicate interest in a variety of Leadership training oppor-tunities provided by ASHRAE and the Board of Governors will be issuing budgeted financial support to help some of these members get to the spring-time training that suits them best.

Thank you all for your support through chapter event attendance, Research & Promotion contributions and volunteerism. The chapter continues to thrive on member participation and we are always looking for more people to help with various committees, recruitment to meetings, and special events. If you have any interest at all, please let one of the chapter leaders know you would like to help. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!