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November Chapter Meeting

Wednesday, November 13th

Location: U of I Water Center Building Downtown


322 E. Front St Boise, ID 83702


Speaker: Damon Woods, Ph.D., P.E,

Dr. Woods is an assistant professor at University of Idaho. His current research focus is on the integration of surface temperatures into building energy management systems. In the office, he spends his time working on energy models and estimating savings from energy upgrades; out of the office he is usually fly fishing or gardening. Dr. Woods earned his B.S. from Montana State University, his M.S. from Boise State University and his Ph.D. from the University of Idaho.



Human comfort is more than just a number on a thermostat. ASHRAE’s thermal comfort standard (Standard 55 – 2017) includes many factors that affect occupant satisfaction including air velocity, clothing levels, and outdoor conditions. This presentation will cover how to size systems to meet ASHRAE 55, how to commission a building’s comfort level for LEED points, and how to estimate the financial implications of enhancing occupant comfort.


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