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October 2016 Meeting

Wednesday, Oct. 12th

The October meeting will discuss the use of radiant systems in buildings heating and cooling. This presentation will showcase several buildings that have successfully incorporated radiant systems and controls. Radiant systems are increasingly popular as they can provide great comfort while using very little energy. Half of net-zero energy buildings use radiant systems to meet most of their heating and cooling loads according to a 2012 survey. Some buildings rely on very simple rule-based schemes while others are using cutting edge model-predictive controls. This overview of radiant systems will cover current best practices and a look at what may lie ahead for these efficient (if unwieldy) HVAC components. This month’s speaker is Damon Woods a PhD candidate at the University of Idaho and a research assistant at the U of I’s Integrated Design Lab (IDL) in Boise.

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Idaho ASHRAE Chapter meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of each month 11:45 am - 1:00 pm, typically at the Idaho Power Headquarters Building (1221 W. Idaho St.) unless noted otherwise.

Idaho ASHRAE does not meet in the summer (June-August), but please join us for our annual golf tournament in June!

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